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Listen. I am a diehard chocolate lover. Chocolate chip cookies are my thing and I rarely stray. Except for these beautiful little sweet/tart pillowy cookies that have my heart forever and always.

They are SO DANG GOOD. And you should go right ahead and make them right now. After all, we are – every last one of us – in the throws of our quarantine baking marathons and I’m here to help you out.


Emily and I both do a LOT of baking for friends and neighbors and co-workers and family around the holidays. We are both inundated with pie and cookie and cake requests and we try our best to oblige everyone. I get buried under pies and Emily gets buried under this cake. YOU GUYS, THIS PUMPKIN ROLL CAKE is everyyyyyything. She is famous for it around these parts and people go absolutely bonkers nuts if they miss her cutoff for holiday orders.


I was in the mood for a gorgeous cake. I was also in the mood for a boldly flavored cake. So when Tama Tea asked me to create a cake to highlight their Matcha Powder, I jumped at the chance and this beauty was born. I am OBSESSED with this cake, you guys. It’s beautiful, it’s over-the-top flavorful and perfect for the holidays!


A couple of things. 1. I’m not a blueberry OR a white chocolate lover. 2. Somehow this cookie STILL tops my list of cookies I actually dream about at night.

I’ve not posted this recipe before because I was protecting it… hoarding it away for myself because when I make one this good I have a difficult time surrendering it to another set of human hands. {I have my faults… I recognize this}

However, so many people have asked for it recently that I am caving. Caving like a scared little kid who tried to no avail to protect their swiss cake rolls from the hands of the sweaty bully at lunch time. HERE YOU GO. TAKE IT. JUST STOP STARING AT ME WITH THOSE EYES AND THOSE MUSCLES AND THOSE NEEDY EYES.


Let me just tell you about these tinies. It is rare that I love a non-chocolate dessert. RARE. Let me also tell you that I don’t even really like blueberries. But somehow these little babes wormed their way into my heart. The sweet burst of fresh blueberries, the spike of ginger and the crunchy walnut crumb just makes me a happy woman.

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