Emily makes this gorgeous little thing every year for her husband Ron’s birthday – which just so happens to be on July 4th! So of course his cake has to be patriotic and festive! When we posted a quick iPhone snap of it last week over on Insta we had a million requests for a recipe! 

Sometimes I speak in hyperbole. But it was close to a million… I just rounded up a bit. The point is, we heard you! And we are here to serve so she made another one and Matthew showed up to take some pictures and maybe eat a piece or 14. Emily and Ron’s four kids and one of mine and Matthew’s birthday girl, Eden were all around to steal berries and eat cake as well. It was a Monday morning cake fest and we weren’t sad about it one bit. 

Lilly even snuck some blueberries into her pockets to take up to her sister. She’s so thoughtful!

So let’s talk some details. This cake is really pretty easy to make so don’t be scared, loves. A simple angel food cake, some quick and over the top AMAZING icing, a two ingredient glaze and fresh berries – that’s it! And I can promise you that it’s worth it – SO freaking yummy and gorgeous I can barely stand it. 

The full printable recipe card is at the end of this post – cause we love ya’!

First things first, make an angel food cake in a jelly roll pan. (a baking sheet with a 1 inch lip/side) Line it with parchment with some hanging over each side. This is a crucial step so that you can remove the cake from the pan with ease instead of ripping the thing to shreds and then throwing it against the wall when all of your hopes and dreams of a perfect Independence Day cake come crashing down. That would be unfortunate so line your pan, loves. Just line your pans. 

Once the cake is baked and cooled, lift it out of the pan using the parchment and then peel off the parchment from the bottom of the cake. Slice it into equal pieces. Use a ruler or your best judgement if you’re feeling sassy. Icing hides a lot of sins so no fretting – it’s a holiday and we don’t have time for fretting. 

Mix up the glaze and brush it over each cake section. 

Make the icing – and YOU GUYS this is no ordinary buttercream. This is buttercream on cream cheese crack and I could have eaten the entire bowl if no one had been looking. Emily is an icing wizard and you should be jealous that she is my business partner (and friend) and not yours. 

Slice your strawberries and then it’s time to assemble! 

We do hope you’ll make this lovely cake for your people this week! It’s so so good and we love you enough to share the goodness! If you have questions about the recipe or how to assemble, leave us a message below and we will get back to you right away! If you make it, be sure to post a picture and tag us on the socials when you do – it makes us over the moon when you do. 

All images by Matt Ray Photography

4th of July Birthday Cake