Happy hump day, loves! Abbye here.

We thought you may need a mid-week dinner idea that will absolutely make your skirts fly up. 

Last night I was deep into a Netflix binge and a neat Bourbon because: HORMONES. Bitchy little things, aren’t they? Anyway… moving along. Emily shot me a text of the dinner she whipped up for her brood and I immediately wished I was at HER house instead of wallowing in hormonal sorrow. 

So, even though we haven’t had a proper photo shoot for these gorgeous things, we thought you would want the details asap. We hope you’ll whip them up and and let us know when you do! Tag us on the socials so we can see your creations!

You may have leftovers – but probably not because they are just that good. BUT, if you do… they make a fantastic sandwich the next day on a toasted roll. YES LAWD. 

Parmesan + Herb Shrimp Cakes With Lemon Sriracha Aioli