One of the things that I absolutely LOVED about working in a restaurant is that I was constantly inspired by the people I met and worked with every day. I whole-hardheartedly believe that collaboration is always better than a solo act. My heart has always been to inspire others and – equally as important – keep myself open to be inspired.

Boozy Cold Brew Coffee

Hi, loves. Let’s all take an honest moment, shall we? It’s mid summer and it’s hotter than hell in the southern nether regions where I live. I mean it’s sweat dripping – melt into your car seat – take as many items of clothes off as you can – HOT.

Ain’t nobody got time for hot drinks, you guys. It’s common knowledge that I love my coffee… and I’m a hot brewed coffee girl born and bred. But I just haven’t been able to muster the courage to drink one lately. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would pour something hot down their throat to add to the miserable hotness of life these days? Not me… nope.


I’m a summertime/LIVE at the beach kind of girl. Salt in the air and sand between my toes fixes E V E R Y problem, you know?

However, it’s winter right now and this year has been an especially difficult cold + flu season. Also: kids are disgusting little germ factories. I have two of them in my house. Don’t get me wrong… I adore them. But they are gross. Everyday they come home from school and I just want to hose them down with bleach. Don’t even try to touch me or kiss me until you’ve washed everything in anti-bacterial everything.


I was a little scared of this drink at first. Matthew told me I was going to have to chug this so that I got the full effect of the super hot espresso followed by the cold Irish Cream… he told me it was worth the fear of burning the crap out of myself. That’s what he said… but I didn’t believe him. So I didn’t chug. I sipped like a little girl. Then he chastised me so I had to try it again… he forced me. And he was right… chugging is the way to go with this baby. Yes, the espresso is super hot – but don’t be a sissy like I was. The cold Irish Cream works everything out in the end. And who doesn’t need an extra shot of Irish Cream? Hello!

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