Boozy Cold Brew Coffee

Hi, loves. So I’ve been brewing cold brew at my house like a religion. There are a million recipes online for making the perfect batch of cold brew. I’ve tried almost all of them because I have slight obsessive disorder over finding the perfect way to prep my coffee. However… I’m choosing the one that is the easiest these days because: LIFE.

I’ve been using the Hario Immersion Cold Brew Pot… You can find it HERE. It’s easy and makes amazing coffee. There. Done. You’re welcome. {If you don’t want to brew your own batch of cold brew, feel free to use regular brewed coffee that you have chilled.}

Now… let’s talk about adding booze to your cold brew. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

Coffee (favorite thing) + Booze (favorite thing) = FAVORITE THING SQUARED!

Matthew and I usually shoot food posts in the morning… which led to day drinking for this particular one. It’s not something I endorse… but there are quality control issues if I don’t taste as we go. It’s the hazard of the job so forgive me, please.

So here’s what you do…

First, make some simple syrup. (I’ve been keeping this on hand to sweeten my non-boozy cold brew every morning.) Put equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Allow to cool to room temp and then store in a sealed jar in the fridge. Easy. Do it.

I’m going to give you measurements for this drink, but in reality I just pour some stuff into a glass with ice and it comes out perfectly. I saw the recipe for this drink on the Bon Appetit website a while back and made it that instant. I did adjust the ratios a bit to suit my tastes… so feel free to get all willy-nilly with yours, too.


First, pour about 3 ounces strong cold brew coffee into your glass.

Next, crack open a COLD Guinness and add 3 ounces to the coffee. (eyeball it, people. it’s going to be ok)

Next… 1 ounce Irish Whiskey and 1/2 ounce of your simple syrup. {See how I’m measuring everything so precisely?}

Stir. Then add ice. I’m sorry this is SO complicated.

Now some heavy cream – a good splash – about 1/2 an ounce. NOT milk – please FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING not milk. And no half and half. If you’re making boozy coffee you might as well just throw it all out the window and indulge in all things questionable.

The finishing touch is a little smattering/sprinkling/grating/dusting of cinnamon. {I have trouble choosing my words.}

I mean…. my goodness this drink!! It’s worth every calorie and the inevitable judgmental stare downs you are going to have with your very conservative Instagram followers when you post your picture of this drink in the middle of the day. (which I hope you will!!)

I do hope you’re enjoying your summer and allowing yourself to find some adventure! Love on your babies or friends a little more exuberantly during these longer days before they are gone and we are in the grips of winter craving all the hot things again.

And I would LOVE to hear from YOU! Leave me some comments below and tell me what you’ve been doing with yourself this summer to stay cool!

I sure do love you all! {especially YOU!}


All photos by Matthew Ray