There will be nights when you absolutely don’t want to sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” again for the 5698th time or read Fancy Nancy A-GAIN. But then she will say “momma pleeeeease” and so you will.

There will be nights when you tell him that you’re sorry you can’t give him a 20 minute back massage because you have so much left to do before YOU can even think about going to bed. But then he will say, “Thanks, mom, for doing all of that stuff every night. I’m glad you do.” So then you will give him the 20 minute back massage.

There will be nights that you don’t want to drag out the computer and work even though you’ve already worked 11 hours straight today but then you will remember that you have things to accomplish and some ass still left to kick in this day and so you will, indeed, keep on trucking.

The point is, you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You CAN do whatever it is that you are telling yourself you CAN’T do. Stop making excuses… stop feeling sorry for yourself… do the work and do it with a grateful heart that you actually have work to do. Love on those littles and be joyful that you have littles to love. Take a deep breath and say thank you that you are actually still breathing. {what a GIFT that is!}

I sure do love you all! (especially YOU!)