I have to admit something to you guys – and this isn’t easy to say. I had never made homemade enchiladas until very recently. Like last month kind of recently. It wasn’t until a client requested them for their weekly cheffing session that I tackled them.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve EATEN loads of enchiladas… but I always left it up to the experts to actually make them. Now that I see how easy they are to put together I’m feeling all kinds of silly regret about waiting so long. Let’s also discuss for a minute how we are not going to ever open a can of pre-made enchilada sauce again. Once you see how stupid easy it is to make yourself and HOW MUCH BETTER it is, you’ll get on board with this idea.

I’ve had canned enchilada sauce and thought it was acceptable. But I am now a full grown woman who should know better so I figured out how to make my own so I feel legitimate. You can, too and I am here to hold your hand the whole way through.

I’m sure of it.

There is handy printable recipe card below. I sure do hope you’ll make these and let us know when you do by posting a photo of your creation on the socials! Tag us @saltandcharm when you do!

Thanks so much for stopping by. xoxo… Abbye

Chicken Enchiladas

All photos by Matt Ray Photography.