Today we are going to talk about a new (to me) coffee brewing method that my friend, Matthew, introduced to me a while ago that I just adore. The Aeropress is a total immersion brewing method where the ground coffee is totally immersed in the hot water, resulting in fast and extensive extraction of the flavor compounds. Other coffee makers drip hot water on a bed of grounds, over-extracting at the center and under-extracting at the edge. The AeroPress method shortens brew time to a minute or less, which avoids the unpleasant bitterness created by slower methods.

Want to know what I hear in my head when I read that paragraph up there? blaaaah blaaaaaah blaaaaaah You guys, this makes a ridiculous cup of ridiculously strong+amazing coffee. That’s all we need to know, yes? Glad we agree. Moving on…

I was a little scared of this drink at first. Matthew told me I was going to have to chug this so that I got the full effect of the super hot espresso followed by the cold Irish Cream… he told me it was worth the fear of burning the crap out of myself. That’s what he said… but I didn’t believe him. So I didn’t chug. I sipped like a little girl. Then he chastised me so I had to try it again… he forced me. And he was right… chugging is the way to go with this baby. Yes, the espresso is super hot – but don’t be a sissy like I was. The cold Irish Cream works everything out in the end. And who doesn’t need an extra shot of Irish Cream? Hello!

If you don’t have an Aeropress, never fear! You can use a regular espresso maker or just extra strong coffee! All you need to make this little beauty is espresso, cinnamon and Irish Liquor. (and some courage)

Fill your Aeropress with 2 heaping tablespoons of very finely ground coffee.

Then add boiling water to about 3/4 full. (Hey… I had the chance to jump behind the camera again on this post – I LOVED it. However, I’m not very good at avoiding reflections. Just ignore me)

Stir the coffee and water together. Let the hot water steep for about a minute while you get the rest of the drink prepped.

Pour a little Irish Liquor into your glass. (It’s probably necessary for you to do some quality control at this point. Take 2 or 14 sips of the liquor juuuuuust to make sure everything is perfect.)

Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the Irish Liquor. YES LAWD.

Finally, push the plunger down on your Aeropress directly on the top of the Irish Cream and cinnamon.

This is where you’re supposed to chug. This photo is of me NOT chugging. Ugh, I’m such a baby. Don’t be like me. On my second one, when I got over my fear, the super hot espresso immediately followed by the cold Irish Cream was an amazing experience. You’re going to want to do this… trust me.

Three simple ingredients. One freaking ridiculous concoction that I am obsessed with! I’m also obsessed with sharing coffee/food/time/whatever with my friends. You should most definitely stop whatever you’re doing right now, pick up the phone and ask someone over for actual real-life face to face talk time. And talk is always better with spirits in the mix.

Trust me, loves!

If you want to try out the Aeropress, call Matthew and ask to borrow his! OR, you could order one HERE.


Photos by ME and Matthew Ray

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