Hi, loves! Abbye here.

Fanny Slater was my new BFF for a lot of reasons. She makes me laugh an embarrassing amount. She fed me the best damn frittata I’ve ever had.And THEN? Then she fed me this craziness. Almond Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack now holds first place BFF status. Sorry, Fanny.

It’s salty + sweet + nutty + and it’s COVERED IN CHOCOLATE. Need I say more? Gosh it’s good. I ate my weight in it and wasn’t even the tiniest bit mad about that hiccup in my macro diet plan.

Desserts like this are usually make with saltines – but Fanny’s genius decision to replace the regular ol’ cracker with Matzo? SO DAMN GOOD YOU GUYS.

This perfect little snack is the easiest of easy so there’s nothing except the fear of crack addiction holding us back now! But I suppose it’s worth it – so here we go!

The printable recipe is below. Let us know when you make it – tag us on the socials with a picture when you do! @saltandcharm

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We sure do love you all! {especially YOU!}


Photo by: Matt Ray Photography