I can’t think of a better combination than chocolate and espresso. These rich, fudgy cookies have both and they are DIVINE. But we took it a step further and added raspberry buttercream on the top to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day and WOAH NELLY are these not only beautiful, they are insanely delicious. 

I’m going to make a very calculated bet that these cookies are going to be your new go-to recipe to satisfy your deepest darkest chocolate cravings AND impress the hell out of your friends. 

They are that good. 

Hi, Kitty. You can’t have the cookies. 

These are the perfect Valentines cookies to make for your co-workers or your kids or your kid’s classmates or your kid’s teachers or your partner or… you get the idea. They are fantastic!! (and kids love em’ – as evidenced below)

Here are all the recipe details! 

Chocolate Espresso Cookie

Raspberry Buttercream

We do hope you’ll make these and let us know what you think! And share share share this post with your friends so they can make them, too! 

This recipe is from Emily! (and that is her cutie patootie daughter, Lilly, enjoying the cookies!)

We sure do love you all! (especially YOU!)

-Abbye + Emily

Photography by Matthew Ray