I hate grapefruit.

Well… let’s back up. I hated  grapefruit until I tried it THIS way. When you put bitter grapefruit under a broiler is mellows it out juuuuuust enough for me to forget I hate it and becomes one of the most comforting things I have ever eaten.

And I come from the deep south where comfort food is all there is… so you know I’m saying some truth right now.


I have had several conversations with some frazzled and worried parents lately and found myself talking them down from the “I’m the worst parent ever” ledge.

There is so much pressure to have perfect kids + perfect lives but there is such a narrow idea of what that perfection actually is. So let me just let you off the hook, loves.

None of you are perfect. All of you are perfect.


It’s Monday and you deserve a high-five just because. If there is the slightest chance it will make your day a bit better… high fives ALL AROUND!! It may be a little early in the day/week/everrrr to talk about this, but it’s on my mind so here goes.

Any other moms + dads out there have right-on-the-cusp-of-puberty-10 year old kid? Lord Jesus help me with the mood swings and the independence exertion and the GIRLS.


I started learning to cook when I was very young. We were living in Florida and my Mawmaw welcomed me into her kitchen with open, flour-dusted arms. She didn’t care that I unorganized her alphabetized pantry or dumped flour all over the floor, or at least she didn’t let on if she did.

I absorbed a love for the kitchen from her. A love for gathering people around a table to share a meal, to talk, pray together, to love selflessly. She taught me to put your very best self into that loaf of bread or that pot of dumplings because it isn’t just flour and water and seasonings… it is your heart extended to the ones you are feeding.


I know that title is total BS. We are born broken… straight out of the womb fragile and needy. It’s kind of how Creator designed us. To be incomplete and broken apart from Him.

I know I know… that last sentence was also total BS. We are never apart from Creator. He is in us and around us and above us and below us. He is all things at all times for all of us.

But we forget and that, my loves, is when we feel broken.


The Making of Salt + Charm

I am so very excited to give you all a little peak behind the curtain of Salt + Charm and introduce you to one of my favorite people, Lindsey Pruitt! I have known this woman for many many years and it was my privilege to enlist her help when I was ready to create this space. What I love most about Lindsey is her heart to encourage and support other women as they pursue their passions. {and also: she is stupid talented}

This journey was so very challenging in all the most wonderful ways! I invited Linds to share with you all a little about her creative process and how she helped me create the Salt + Charm branding. So enough from me – I’ll turn it over to her now!!


Hi everyone!

I’m so thrilled to dive in and discuss the process behind the branding!

To begin, a little about me:


I have been longing for Spring. Wasting away in the remaining dredges of winter. It’s like this every year here in our little coastal town. It’s beach weather one day then we have to pull out the boots and sweaters the next. But by afternoon you better HOPE you packed a change of clothes in the car because you are going to regret the boots and sweaters you spitefully clothed yourself with that morning. I can’t decide if I want to eat a ginormous vat of beef stew or a tomato sandwich.

I’m just all confused about everything in life.


It’s giveaway day here at Salt + Charm! This is one of my favorite things to do so stick around because it will be happening regularly!

For this first giveaway I thought I would share 4 things that have inspired me. Two that have inspired me to be more hospitable, one that inspires me to ignore all the things and one that was the beginning inspiration for the new branding right here at Salt + Charm!

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