One of the greatest perks of summer is the grill! I think we can all agree that summer just wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t fire up the gas tank or light some charcoal on fire and throw some meat around once or twice a week.

A year or so ago, I heard a friend talking about grilling her lettuce. And I was like, “Whaaaaaat?!” And she was like, “Yea, girl!” And I was like, “NO WAY!” (And you’re like, “Abbye, get ON with it for the sake of Pete.”)


Let me just tell you about these tinies. It is rare that I love a non-chocolate dessert. RARE. Let me also tell you that I don’t even really like blueberries. But somehow these little babes wormed their way into my heart. The sweet burst of fresh blueberries, the spike of ginger and the crunchy walnut crumb just makes me a happy woman.


Many moons ago I had the very fortunate opportunity to work for a season at 9 Bakery + Lounge in downtown Wilmington. It was such a great learning experience for me and also some of my most challenging days. One of the really fantastic things about those 9 months is meeting some ridiculously talented people and gathering as much knowledge as I could.

I tried to be a big ol’ sponge and soak it all up.


Hi, lovelies! First things first. I have missed you… I hope you haven’t felt neglected. Life does what life does and mine has been a little over the top crazy the past few months. I keep thinking that at some point I will find myself and feel grounded/settled/stable – wouldn’t that be fantastic? Yes, yes it would.

But let’s get to the point of this post – because I could ramble on all day AND night about the search to be more joyful/at peace/fulfilled.

A Farewell Dinner Party

Honest moment: I have written and deleted this post no less than 12 times in the past few weeks.

My writing style has always been to the point, a little sarcastic and at times even irreverent, and I always play off of the food images. But this essay is not going to have a recipe nor will it have a string of process shots showing you how to pull off the perfect poached egg or how to truss a turkey…


One of the things that I absolutely LOVED about working in a restaurant is that I was constantly inspired by the people I met and worked with every day. I whole-hardheartedly believe that collaboration is always better than a solo act. My heart has always been to inspire others and – equally as important – keep myself open to be inspired.

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