Congratulations, Anna Davis! You are our winner!!!

It’s giveaway day here at Salt + Charm! This is one of my favorite things to do so stick around because it will be happening regularly!

Have you guys ever read The Five Love Languages? If you haven’t yet, go take care of that right away. It’s one of the most practical relationship books I’ve ever read. The basic concept is that there are 5 different ways that people receive or show love.

physical touch, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts + words of affirmation

YOU GUYS all five are my top five. I need all of those in equal amounts to feel sane. Props to my love, Bryan, for putting up with that and doing a smashing job keeping up with me.

Giving gifts is one of my favorite ways to SHOW LOVE. I really enjoy putting thought and effort into loving on my people with meaningful and useful gifts. So you better believe I’m going to be doing that around here because I sure do love you all!

For this first giveaway I thought I would share 4 things that have inspired me. Two that have inspired me to be more hospitable, one that inspires me to ignore all the things and one that was the beginning inspiration for the new branding right here at Salt + Charm!

1. The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book has made me jump up from my reading place on the couch to make pie more times than I am comfortable admitting. And there is NOTHING more hospitable than pie. Read this book + make pie + call a friend to come eat the pie = the best thing ever!


2. The Southerner’s Cookbook from Garden & Gun Magazine was given to me by the boyfriend. He knows me well. This one is full of truly great southern recipes kicked up about 984 notches. I’ve made several lovely things from this book and I know you would be THE KITCHEN to flock to if you were making things from this beauty.


3.  The Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle from Anthropologie in Coastal Scent is what I said makes me ignore things. When I light a gorgeous candle like this and fill my room with light and something that doesn’t smell like my dog, I forget for a minute. I forget that I have taxes to do or laundry to fold or music to rehearse or dishes to clean. It helps me ignore, just for a moment. And loves, I’m here to help you ignore things, too. 


4. And this From The Deep Octopus Plate – Gosh I just love it so much. It reminds me of the ocean where I live that brings me so much joy. I have this plate and a cup + saucer from Anthro and it was the starting inspiration for the branding of Salt + Charm. I wish I could give you an entire set – but giving you this plate for your morning bagel or avo toast just makes me giddy.


All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. Leave me a comment below letting me know what what you’re loving about the new Salt + Charm!

2. Put your email address in the pretty pink “subscribe” box to the right of this post.

3. And lastly, follow me on Instagram (@saltandcharm) and tag 3 friends who would love these gifts, too! Each step gets you one entry but you must do all three steps to enter! (each additional tag on IG gets you an extra entry as well!)


A winner will be randomly chosen on Friday!

I sure do love you all! (especially YOU!)


0 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY / BECAUSE I LOVE YA’!

  1. Hannah Meass says:

    Abbye!!! I’m loving your co-parenting installments. My parents were divorced and it was always my biggest burden thinking I was the reason they couldn’t get along. I would’ve been a totally different person if they had moved past their own shit and put us kids first. That’s ok. I’m me because of it and I have a gigantic Heavenly Father who picked me up when I needed it most. Keep up the good work. This is awesome!

    • Abbye McGee says:

      Thank you, Hannah! I will for sure be posting more on that topic. It’s such an important thing to get right!! So glad to have you around Salt + Charm!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love the new branding especially the coastal theme and the salt reminds me that we are supposed to be salt and light to the world! Love your heart and your honesty and boldness in your posts!!!

  3. Anja Bauman says:

    I love the thoughtfulness behind your giveaway. The way each pieces represents a little of who you are. It makes it so personal and fun!
    And I hope I win! 😉

  4. Megan L. says:

    I really love the coastal theme and reminder of Carolina living. Florida just isn’t the same. Your love for others is inspiring and beautiful.

    • Abbye McGee says:

      Thank you so much, Megan! I grew up in Florida and while I love it – it’s not the same as coastal NC! So glad you are hanging around Salt + Charm! Can’t wait to get to know you more!

  5. Jess Hall says:

    I’m a sucker for all things pretty– Salt and Charm is no exception; it’s beautiful! I loved reading "An Open Heart and a Full Table" yesterday. It’s always very meaningful to know the "why" behind the pretty! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes soon!

  6. Suz says:

    Always an inspiration I plan on making that that lovely salad and perhaps a pie this weekend in honor of you .

  7. Alison says:

    Loving the new design and cute new brand! Glad to see you found a way to combine your love of cooking, inspiring personal essays, and other jots and tittles. Gorgeous photography and, as always, wonderful formatting of your recipes. Can’t wait to see what transpires on this fabulous site. Xoxo

  8. Stacey Meadows says:

    The design is so beautiful, and it looks like you’ve put your heart and soul into developing this blog! I’m so excited about this!!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I love all of those things…especially that gorgeous plate. If I make a pie, will you please come share it with me? This site is beautiful, as are YOU! I love your recipes, and your eloquent insights to life.

    • Abbye McGee says:

      I sure will! I have to make a trip to get that record player from your brother AND have pie with you. Miss you SO much.

  10. Sarah Pridgen says:

    It seems as though we both enjoy a lot of the same things! I fail at putting things quite so eloquently, though. I love blue and white anything, so that plate makes me drool like thinking of a mouthful of pie(= I look forward to all that is to come…🙌🏼

  11. Wendy says:

    Everything about the branding and the vibe is fabulous! The combination of the open heart blog and the full table recipes is brilliant!

    Best of luck with your new project, I am sure it will inspire and encourage more people than you will ever know!

  12. Jessie says:

    i love your branding and you voice! It is so relatable, encouraging, and honest! Can’t wait to see and read all the posts!!

  13. ADW says:

    Was just introduced to this site and I am loving it. I really like the empowerment that you are giving to the "lovely" feel-good things of life and yet, keeping it all in perspective

  14. Debbie Bernhard Rivers says:

    What a feat you have set out to accomplish! But knowing Norma and Ron, YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT!

  15. Anna Davis says:

    I’m obsessed with the Full Table portion of this blog. I am constantly trying to create delicious fresh food that brings people to the table. Excited for more recipes and thoughts to come!

  16. Heather says:

    I love your website. I actually have the octopus design on fabric which I cut and framed – it’s above our fireplace. Plus your recipes are bodacious and I LOVE all of the LOVEly hospitality that your posts/recipes evoke. It makes me want to throw an oyster roast in the backyard at sunset. Look forward to reading more posts/recipe ideas!

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