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The Making of Salt + Charm

I am so very excited to give you all a little peak behind the curtain of Salt + Charm and introduce you to one of my favorite people, Lindsey Pruitt! I have known this woman for many many years and it was my privilege to enlist her help when I was ready to create this space. What I love most about Lindsey is her heart to encourage and support other women as they pursue their passions. {and also: she is stupid talented}

This journey was so very challenging in all the most wonderful ways! I invited Linds to share with you all a little about her creative process and how she helped me create the Salt + Charm branding. So enough from me – I’ll turn it over to her now!!


Hi everyone!

I’m so thrilled to dive in and discuss the process behind the branding!

To begin, a little about me:

A Farewell Dinner Party

Honest moment: I have written and deleted this post no less than 12 times in the past few weeks.

My writing style has always been to the point, a little sarcastic and at times even irreverent, and I always play off of the food images. But this essay is not going to have a recipe nor will it have a string of process shots showing you how to pull off the perfect poached egg or how to truss a turkey…