Hi, everyone! Abbye, here. It’s my absolute favorite time of year! Thanksgiving makes me all kinds of giddy… family + good food + football + Hallmark movies + NAPS. All the very best things in life, YOU GUYS.

Typically I am the worst about planning holiday food shoots, please forgive me. I mean, I am not thinking about turkey and stuffing before November 1st and if you do then we may not be able to get past that friendship obstacle. We live in a cute little beach town where it feels like the pits of hell kind of summer until it all of a sudden feels like the frozen tundra. There is no in between… no cute seasonal shifts… barely time to just wear a sweater and oversized scarf. Bikinis or 29 layers are our only choices.

I’ve been told that I am prone to hyperbole. Moving on.

So the first of our Thanksgiving recipe posts is this absolutely gorgeous side. It pairs perfectly with your turkey as a side dish or stuffing option OR it’s just the bees knees for your vegetarian friends. (sub a nut cheese for the feta if you have vegans in your life)

Wild rice stuffed acorn squash is so incredibly yummy that we are just not going to wait for Turkey Day to enjoy it. Let’s just put it on the table all the time for everything, ok? Ok.

So here’s the deal. Roast an acorn squash and set aside. Then make a stuffing out of wild rice with aromatics + cranberries + pecans + spinach + feta cheese. Stuff that squash and then heat through in your oven. Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am, I just plain love it. Your guests are going to go nuts over it, too! (definitely those usually forgotten plant eaters amongst you)

Here is the printable recipe card! We can’t wait for you to try this one! Let us know when you do… tag us on the socials with a picture! (@saltandcharm) Thanks for stopping by! We sure do love you all. (Especially YOU!)

Stuffed Acorn Squash

All images by our favorite photographer + taster + leftover thief + funny man, Matt Ray.