A couple of days ago, I shared the recipe for these gorgeous Pumpkin Biscuits and wanted to also share with you the perfect little sandwich to make with them. These colors make me SO happy… 

Pumpkin + Pig + Collards + Blackberry Balsamic Jam WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE, LOVES? 

I think making these for a brunch with friends is an excellent idea. Breakfast in bed with your person? Maybe a little messy but that could be fun, too! Late night munchies? THIS. 

Let’s cut to the chase because I’m getting too far down this road. 

Make the biscuits + sear some country ham in a skillet (or deli ham, whatev) + lightly sauté some collards (or dress some spinach/arugula with a little olive oil, S+P) + simmer some blackberries and balsamic in a sauce pan and then let the skies part and the angels sing. 

{hyperbole, I’m done now}

OK let’s slap some ham on a biscuit and call it a day. 

Blackberry Balsamic Sauce

All that’s left to do now is cut open a biscuit, layer the greens, ham and blackberry sauce and enjoy! This really is so yummy. A little sweet, a little savory and a whole heap of amazing. I AM HERE FOR SOME BISCUIT SANDWICH, YOU GUYS! 

I sure would love for you to make this + share this + tag us on the socials when you do!

The lovely images above from Matthew Ray