Monday Mood

Hi, everyone! There are some things on my mind. So let’s chat for a few, ok?

I’ve had some major life changes recently. That seems to be the way it goes for me. Smooth sailing then an UPSET! Bills being paid then NOPE. My pants fit then WAAAAAIT JUST A DAMN SECOND!? The latest life shock has caused me to really take an honest look at how important my integrity is.

After 42 years on this planet, I think I have myself somewhat figured out. I know what I believe and I know who I am as a human. I believe I finally understand who God created me to be and how that relates to the people and circumstances around me. Recently I found myself in a situation that challenged that understanding. Well, it didn’t just challenge it. It slapped it right in the face and then laughed and then kicked it right in the gut.

I had to make a choice and that choice left me in an extremely difficult place in my life. I chose honesty over safety. And that landed me right in a murky pit of uncertainty. But listen up, loves. You know something? I would rather know that I acted with integrity than to know I cowered. {we. must. not. cower. ever} So I have made some subsequent decisions following this {bigger than my pants not fitting} situation. I am more committed than ever to honoring truth and loving PEOPLE. Whatever I set my hands to do for the rest of my life will be purposefully created to support and love and inspire other people to create and flourish and feel safe doing so. Business owners and bosses get that wrong a lot. Parents get that wrong a lot. Pastors get that wrong a lot. Teachers get that wrong a lot. HUMANS get that wrong a lot. Let’s start getting it right now. Ok? Ok. Good talk.

So… if that speaks to you and to how you would like to live, I hope you will stick around S+C and also spread the word to your people to come hang out with us around here. This is going to be a place filled with beauty and inspiration and some good support to help you grow and feel nurtured and loved on along the way.

One way we are going to do that is through regular face to face meet ups. For the locals? Pop up dinner parties happening all around Wilmington on the reg. (if you want in on the first one coming next month, make sure you have signed up for the email list in the box on the right of this screen!) For the far-aways? Lots of live Insta and FB moments so we can talk really good food, parenting AND co-parenting adventures and also some just plain fun girl-talk. {boys welcome too, DUH}

I would love to get to know you! Use that comment box below and introduce yourself…tell me some fun facts about YOU! Take your shoes off and stay a while. I can’t wait to hear your story!

I sure do love you all! {especially YOU!}


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