A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by Gathered to do a little looking around at all of their lovely things. One step through the door had me all doe-eyed. Lindsey Cheek chooses the most perfect furnishings that make me want every last piece in their showroom! Most of the time I have decent self-control. But that day I couldn’t walk away from this gorgeous wooden pizza board and some perfect little linens to add to my collection.

If you’re in Wilmington, you definitely need to go see them! If you aren’t in Wilmington, follow them on IG @gatheredgroup – I want all of their things in my house. ALL OF THEM.

It’s Friday and at my house that means pizza. And PJ’s. And snuggling on the couch with a good movie.

But mostly pizza. Let’s be honest.

I  am trying my best these days to eat things that are beneficial for my body. But honestly, I’m settling for the middle of the road “ish” kind of diet plan. If I make it through the day making decent choices 80-ish% of the time, then I can sleep with a clear mind.

And guess what? This pizza hits right there at that 80% line! Give or take… I mean don’t quote me on my math, but it’s close. The tiniest bit of goat cheese is the only guilty pleasure here… and somehow I feel like goat cheese is so much better for me than cow cheese. I am telling myself that and I am allowing myself to believe because I just need to, ok? Ok.

I’m going to give you my pizza crust recipe but please for the love of all, don’t NOT make this because you don’t want to tackle pizza crust. Most grocery store delis are selling pizza crust dough now a days. Or use a pita/rolled out canned biscuit dough/whatever floats your boat. I will still love you.

I used whatever veg I had on hand {brussels, broccoli and red/yellow peppers} and you should feel alright about searching the dark places of your refrigerator for what needs to be used up. This is the perfect way to use your slightly tired produce. Roasting them talks you into thinking they are straight from the farmer’s market bins. Trust me.

Ok, loves. Let’s discuss some other alterations to this recipe. I want you to make this when you have a bit of time AND when you are stressed out/need to be shoving pizza in your face in 15 minutes flat. First, use pre-made pizza crust if you need to, as discussed above. Use store bought pizza sauce if you must (but beware that it is usually FULL of sugar) OR just whizz up some raw tomatoes + olive oil + garlic + herbs without roasting them first. It’ll be just fine. But if you have a few extra minutes, give your pizza some extra lovin’. You won’t regret it, I promise.

**To make this vegan, sub a vegan cheese for the goat cheese and agave for the honey. Easy!

Here are the details:

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

All food by me. All images by Matthew Ray.