Hi, loves! Abbye here. It’s been a bit since I’ve been on here… but I have good excuses! I got married, dove headlong into a home renovation in preparation for the marriage, went to Costa Rica to honeymoon and then came home to prep for the impending Hurricane Florence. So now we have evacuated inland a bit and are waiting it all out! That means I have a block of time where there is literally nothing else I CAN be doing except reading another crime novel and… BLOGGING!

We shot this recipe a while ago and then I fell off the face of the earth. But while in Costa Rica with Todd, I was reminded of this Mango Salsa – I made it several times for us while we were there!

I will say that I altered it a bit while away and I actually loved it even MORE so I’m going to give you that recipe that includes some diced avocado – don’t throw stones at me because the pictures don’t show that. Let’s all play nice. And let’s just be honest, I put avocado in everything so it was bound to happen. AVO in everything for life.

This salsa is magic just with chips. But I have also mounded it atop grilled steak, dumped it onto tacos and spooned it ever so gently onto a nice piece of pan fried mahi. I imagine I would also swoon if it found its way onto a burger with bacon or with fried chicken or on a omelet. WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS – it’s good on just about anything.


I hope you’ll make this and let us know what you think! And we would sure appreciate it if you would tag us on the socials with a picture when you do! That means so much to us. Thanks for hanging out…

We sure do love you! (especially YOU!)

-Abbye + Emily