Everything I have been posting lately has been so vibrantly colorful – I think I’m trying to hold on to summer for dear life. Maybe it is because our little beach town refuses to get below 80 degrees so we are all up in some late October denial up in here. I’m ok with it.

So I am still buying tomatoes + basil + summer greens in bulk and still firing up the grill every chance I get because that’s what makes my skirts fly up, ok? Don’t hassle me about it, loves.

Moving on…

Let’s talk about grilled lettuce. Weird? Yep. Insanely good? YEP. It’s the star of this salad show for sure.

Let’s also mention chicken marinated in olive oil and lemon and fresh herbs and ALL THE GARLIC. Ok maaaaaaybe it’s the star of the show after all.

And for just a quick minute let’s discuss this tomato vinaigrette which is just a quickly blended up Roasted Garlic + Tomato that I shared last week. HOLD UP – that is absolutely the star of this show. Yes sir. Indeed.

You guys, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I needed a salad dressing. I had these roasted tomatoes in the fridge like I do every week because they go on all the things like I’ve told you already because I love ya. And let me just tell you that magic happened in that blender. M-A-G-I-C.

And then I threw on some bacon for good measure. Nothing to see here. {use a Whole30 compliant version if you are into that}

And also some diced red and yellow peppers for more color and crunch.

And some blue cheese because I couldn’t say no. {leave off if you are doing Whole30!}

And then topped it off with those ridiculous Garlic and Thyme Marinated Shallots because, like I’ve told you 428 times, they go on everything! <3

Now the only thing to discuss is the marinated grilled chicken. I use this marinade all the time for chicken and shrimp because it’s super fast to throw together and so so so good off the grill.

Grilled Chicken Romaine Salad With Tomato Confit Vinaigrette

I wouldn’t steer you wrong, loves. Make this soon you won’t be disappointed! If you do, be sure to share it on the socials and tag @saltandcharm!

All food by me. All photos by the one and only Matthew Ray.