Hi, loves! Abbye here.

Emily changed my pancake life recently. I’m good at A LOT of things in the kitchen.. but making pancakes has never been one of those things. Who knows why. Why is a dangerous question. 

We had to get down to business here. I had nerves about pancakes, you guys. RIDICULOUS IRRATIONAL NERVES. Emily knew that I needed to calm the heck down. So: Bourbon. 

Thanks, friend. 

Back to what you really want to know about… these amazing pancakes! 

One of the things I love about this recipe is that these are so easy to make a big batch of and then freeze them! They make a super quick breakfast – just pull them out of the freezer, pop in the micro for a few seconds and then in the toaster! WHAAAAAT is this magic? The best homemade pancakes ready in just a few minutes whenever you feel like it? Yes indeed. 

This recipe make 24 large pancakes! Eat what you want, freeze the leftovers in a freezer bag and store flat until you need to eat a pancake again. {every morning} Top with whatever floats your boat! We love these gorgeous blueberries so we went with it. 

These are buttery and fluffy and just perfect in every way. The Salt + Charm crew DEVOURED these in about 12 seconds on shoot day! We have included a printable recipe card for you below because we love ya’ll!

We are so happy you stopped by! Let us know when you make these – tag us on the socials with a picture when you do! (IG @saltandcharm)

Thanks to Matt Ray Photography for all of the lovely images – we are grateful that he took a few good shots before he ate everything. Also to Emily for the Bourbon – you know what your girl needs. 

We sure do love you all! {especially YOU!}

-Abbye + Emily