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I have been longing for Spring. Wasting away in the remaining dredges of winter. It’s like this every year here in our little coastal town. It’s beach weather one day then we have to pull out the boots and sweaters the next. But by afternoon you better HOPE you packed a change of clothes in the car because you are going to regret the boots and sweaters you spitefully clothed yourself with that morning. I can’t decide if I want to eat a ginormous vat of beef stew or a tomato sandwich.

I’m just all confused about everything in life.


Hi, lovelies! First things first. I have missed you… I hope you haven’t felt neglected. Life does what life does and mine has been a little over the top crazy the past few months. I keep thinking that at some point I will find myself and feel grounded/settled/stable – wouldn’t that be fantastic? Yes, yes it would.

But let’s get to the point of this post – because I could ramble on all day AND night about the search to be more joyful/at peace/fulfilled.